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Tool Design

Expert Guidance

Tool design for multi-lumen tubing and complex geometry profiles can be very frustrating and often times can be an iterative process. This makes these components very expensive and often difficult to make. My years of hands on experience and working along side some of the industries top engineers will help keep you on track to maintain budgets and time lines.

Process Improvement

The Path to Success

Simply having a second set of experienced eyes look over a process can make a HUGE difference in yield rates and ease of manufacturing.  Contact me to find out how I can help today.



Find What Your Looking For

Already have a design in mind? Need help bringing your idea to life? We can help you source tubing, profile extrusions, molded components, tooling, fixtures, ect. We have established great relationships with local Machine/Automation shops, Molding shops, and Extrusion Houses to help people get what they need quickly.

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