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Hands on Experience with a Technical Education

April 2017 - April 2020

Extrusion Process Engineer, Biomerics AE

Focused on multi-lumen tooling and complex geometry profiles. Equipment qualifications, process qualifications, and training. Also helping develop Semi-Compliant and Compliant Balloons.

October 2012- April 2017

Operations Supervisor, Optinova-MLE

Working supervisor responsible for scheduling and over seeing a four-line 2 shift operation (R&D / Production). Process characterization on new materials and profiles. Influencing tooling design, training on all extrusion and braiding processes.

September 2005 - October 2012

Technician- Medicine Lake Extrusion's

  1. Multi-Lumen Tubing

  2. Polymer-Braid-Polymer

  3. Co-Extrusion

  4. Bump Tubing

  5. Contact Vacuum Extrusion 

  6. Non-Contact Vacuum Extrusion 

  7. Braiding

  8. Tool Assembly

  9. Thermal Profiles

  10. Process Characterization of an array of polymers

Resume: Resume
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